38 Students Join Newest Nursery Class

I was lucky enough to be in Uganda this year at the start of the school year in February.  Here are a couple of my favorite photos from my time spent with the two classes of Nursery students at the Agwata school.  In all, we have almost 70 nursery students in two classes called the Top Class and the Middle Class.  The two students in the yellow t shirts are the head boy and head girl in the nursery class.

Head boy and girl from Agwata Uganda Nursery class

The head boy and girl are proud of their new t shirts. Their teacher and classmates look on.

Until the new class building is completed later this year, they continue to meet inside the old mud and thatch building at the school.

The second photo below shows a group of the newest nursery students receiving their class t shirts!  In the background, you can see the mud and thatch building which houses the two Nursery classes, plus first and second grade classes.

The Cubu Primary and Nursery School  is supported primarily by Outreach Uganda through contributions from a group of dedicated sponsors of the children who attend this school. Please go to our sponsorship page to find out more about how you could sponsor a child.  We still have several younger students needing sponsors.

Agwata nursery students with new t shirts.

Newest Agwata nursery students with their t shirts. The mud and thatch class building is behind them.


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