Aryek Anjulina’s Story

Aryek Anjulina

Aryek Anjulina

Aryek Anjulina is seventy-eight years old.  She was born in a village called Lagotee.  She met her husband in that very village.  Together they had 15 children (10 boys and 5 girls) and 49 grandchildren.  While they did have many children together, her husband had another wife. 

Before the war, she lived a very happy life and had security.  Her family had water and a plentiful garden.  She sold some of what she planted, but she also gave to those in her village.  The rebels changed that.  They took her food and property.  Aryek Anjulina was in Agwata when the war first began.  Now, only 4 of her children and 8 grandchildren remain. 

 In the IDP camp, they only got 2 cups of beans and 4 cups of posho for 1 person for 1 month!  Some of her grandkids got arrested by the rebels because they were caught looking for food because they were so hungry.  She has not seen most of them since.

Aryek Anjulina is free now!  She desires to make beads so her grandkids don’t have to suffer, so they can go to school and succeed!  She came from a happy home of 5 girls and she stayed at home with her mom.  She wants her grandchildren to have that kind of happiness!

 She prays and is dreaming of a brighter future.  She wants to see the kids grow and go far.  She doesn’t have high expectations for them, she just wants them to have the opportunity to try and find what’s right for them.  The group provides her the support she needs.  She feels happy now!  She’s happy that she can pay for school and eat – “life is now good!”


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