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“Adopt 100 Necklaces” Program

Who Can Do This?

Church groups, student groups, service and social clubs, and any other interested organizations are encouraged to join our “Adopt 100 Necklaces” program.

Program Details

Your organization agrees to purchase (we like to think of it as an “Adoption”) a group of 100 necklaces at $10 made by the women beaders and marketed by Outreach Uganda. The $10 represents a normal retail price for that necklace. Your organization then commits to use its genius and creativity to determine how these necklaces might be sold or transmitted to the ultimate consumer.

It could be as simple as hosting a table at your organization’s next meeting and selling the necklaces for $10 each.You determine the event and provide the publicity. You keep any unsold necklaces (we hope there won’t be any) as you have already paid for them. We hope you’ll have so much fun that you’ll consider hosting an “Adopt a Necklace” event for us each year.

Getting the Adoption Process Started

The “Adopt A Necklace” program is a simple way to get money to the women beaders quickly with a minimal investment. Yet, it is not asking for an outright contribution as you now have a viable way to recoup your initial cost through selling the necklaces.

To start the adoption process, just email carol@outreachuganda.org Please include in your email your name and phone number, your organization’s name and address, where to ship the necklaces (if different than the organization’s address). We will normally contact you via phone or email within 48 hours of receiving your email.

Payment can be made by check or by credit card using PayPal. After your payment has been received, we will ship you our “Adopt 100 Necklaces” kit. Besides the 100 necklaces, we will ship you publicity materials, Outreach Uganda brochures, three Ugandan food recipes, a letter size picture poster of a woman beader, and an event feedback form.

Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Possible event ideas include:

  1. Host an African Bazaar
  2. Include a necklace as part of the registration fee at your organization’s next event/conference.
  3. Encourage your PTA or school service club to sell the necklaces as part of a service project which reaches out globally, not just locally.
  4. Sell the necklaces after your church service where “helping the poor” was the sermon topic.
  5. Sell the necklaces at a flea market or at your organization’s huge community-wide garage sale.
  6. Create your own “Bead Party” for a group of scrapbooking friends and neighbors.  You can scrapbook for your families while helping a beader’s family too across the globe.  See also our Host a Bead Benefit Party page.

Share Your Event Stories

As more and more events are held across the U.S. and in other countries, we will publicize the most successful, creative ideas on our web site to further encourage others to host an awesome necklace event.  So…at the conclusion of your event, please share your ideas and results with us on the feedback form provided in your program kit.  Send us pictures too!

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