Empowering the Poor
People of Uganda


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Who We Are

Outreach Uganda is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Colorado and dedicated to helping empower poor people in Uganda. We are currently supporting three primary projects in Uganda: the Uganda women beaders located in both Jinja and Kitgum Uganda; the Maranatha Orphanage and Schools located in Mityana, Uganda; and the Kampala Kids project to assist primarily orphaned teens and young adults living in Kampala, Uganda.  

Our Mission  
Our mission is to empower poor people in Uganda. To do this we work with established community groups in Uganda to bring hope and improve lives, especially in the areas of education, women's empowerment, and self-sufficiency through job creation. 


Tie Dying July 4th at Rose'sWho We Serve 

We serve poor people in Uganda, especially orphans and women who have been adversely affected by AIDS and other diseases, and/or the war in northern Uganda

What We Do 
We are currently focusing on three primary programs in Uganda:

Carol Rose and womenPit-tek Women in Jinja and Kitgum Uganda
Marketing the women’s beaded jewelry, cloth sling bags and tie-dyed silk scarves in the US
Conducting a child sponsorship program to help support sponsored children of the women beaders. 
Providing training and education to the women in areas of English, literacy, computer/internet skills, leadership, and business skills.

Providing assistance in the areas of income-generation project development, microfinance and agriculture.  This includes provision of funds for the women to conduct their own internal revolving loan program with loan interest rates more favorable than standard micro-loan programs. 

Nkonya school building additionMaranatha Orphanage and Schools in Mityana Uganda 
Fund-raising for the newly opened secondary/vocational school. The school needs more vocational equipment (sewing machines, carpentry tools, secondary level books for the library). 
Fund-raising to continue the chicken project which began in April 2007. More buildings are needed so the number of chickens can be increased from 1,200 to 10,000. The additional chickens are intended to become an income-generating activity for the orphanage by selling the eggs in the community. 

Kampala Metro Program 
Provision of scholarships and funds for schooling or vocational needs to identified impoverished orphaned teens and young adults to help them achieve/create gainful employment which can sustain them as adults. 

Bead Selling Efforts 
Our main “bead selling” season from September through December has just ended on a very successful note.  We are now in a slower season of selling.  If you would like to help our beaders sustain their income throughout this slower time of year by hosting a bead party for family, friends or co-workers, please contact us!  We also always welcome opportunities to sell the beads on a wholesale basis.  Your help is urgently needed.  You can make an immense difference in the lives of our women beaders. 

 Recent Accomplishments 

  • In July 2010, we recognized our fourth class of 20 graduates from the computer/internet training course for our Ugandan women beaders and some of their secondary school age children.  Please contact us if you would like to be an email pen pal with one of these ladies.


  • We completed a 3rd year of summer training with the Ugandan women beaders in 2010 to upgrade their skills of hand painting and tie dyeing silk scarves. These scarves are very beautiful and we are selling them for $20 each. Please shop online for these tie dye silk scarves, batik sling bags, and the newest paper bead jewelry creations.


  • 2011 finds the Jinja group busy continuing its group poultry raising project which began in November 2009 with an initial group of 500 “broiler” chicks which were purchased and then sold for their meat.  This project has expanded to larger groups of chicks, and also to involving both large and small groups of our beaders.


  • 17 new members were added to our original Jinja beader group.  This group continues to emphasize income-generation projects to its members, and doubled the size of its own internal revolving loan fund during 2010.


  • Advanced tailoring training classes are continuing in 2011 and include beaders in both the Jinja and Kitgum groups. Several ladies have purchased their own manual sewing machines so that they can begin individual tailoring businesses.


  • In January 2010, we began working with our 3rd group of beaders in northern Uganda.  We helped the community strengthen the local parent supported primary school which now serves over 130 students in 1st through 3rd grade. 


  • In 2010, we expanded our volunteer program and are excited about having more temporary short-term volunteers spearhead new projects and new trainings which our three beader groups can continue long after the volunteers return home.  In 2010, we were excited to host a volunteer artist, volunteer school principal, and a student who assisted us in video production efforts.  In 2011, we are excited about a longer term volunteer who will be helping our more remote groups with English/literacy, utilization of solar power, sustainable gardening, and beekeeping.

Important Documents 

Access important corporate documents: 
Form 990 for 2009
Form 990 for 2008
Form 990 for 2007 
501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS


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