A New Twist on our March Wish List: Volunteers. We Need You!

A New Twist on our March Wish List: Volunteers!

With luggage fees charged by the airlines rising rapidly from what they were a few years ago, we decided to highlight this month a new type of need.  We need you!  We are looking for people who can volunteer here in the U.S. whether it is virtually or at our office location in metro Denver, Colorado, and also volunteers from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. who are interested in volunteering on a short-term basis with us in Uganda.

Outreach Uganda volunteers are needed in the U.S. and in Uganda

Outreach Uganda volunteer, Rick, helping make bricks for the Agwata primary school

March Wish List Needs: U.S. Volunteers and Uganda Volunteers 

Virtual volunteers or those who can be located anywhere in the U.S./Canada are especially needed for writing curriculum materials for our Girls’ Education Initiative program, writing grants, sales rep for our craft marketing, online SEO work, bead party hosts and more! At our U.S. headquarters location in the metro Denver area, we are need volunteers for office help, legal help relative to contracts, photography, marketing strategist and an accountant/CPA.

If you are interesting in traveling to Uganda with us for at least seven days in country (10 to 20 days is even better!), we can use those who can teach English and numeracy, those with nursing, medical and health-related skills, agricultural trainers including organic gardeners, beekeepers, community planners, those with construction experience, pre-school and elementary teachers and much more.

Outreach Uganda volunteer receiving farewell gifts from her Uganda women students.

Outreach Uganda volunteer, Christa, receiving gifts from the Ugandan women who were her English students.

We hope that those volunteering in Uganda might consider carrying an additional suitcase of much needed items which we collect from U.S. donors such as:

  • homemade sanitary pads,
  • vitamins which are not readily available in Uganda
  • certain school supplies such as pens and pencils which our primary school consumes quickly during the course of a school year
  • calculators and laptops which are especially needed by secondary and university students
  • Sawyer water filters
  • (See more items in last month’s Feb. wish list).

March Biggest Volunteers Need: Teacher or Writer to Develop Curriculum for Girls’ Education Initiative Program 

Are you, or someone you know, a teacher who likes to write curriculum materials?  If so, we have the perfect volunteer job for you!  We are in need of someone with such skills that has time available to formalize the curriculum materials for our Girls’ Education Initiative (GEI)program which currently has over 90 girls, ages 9 to 13 enrolled in it.  We would like to break the group into two groups based on age, and have two teachers from the Cubu school help our GEI Coordinator teach the program.  But we need to upgrade and formalize our curriculum materials to do this.  We also have begun working with a second primary school in the sub-county, and they too would like to present this curriculum at their school.

Our GEI coordinator meets with the girls weekly for two to three hours.  The training portion lasts about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This program is supplemental to their education and covers topics such as study habits, goal-setting, making good choices, self-esteem, handling peer pressure, changes in adolescence, and choosing friends wisely. Email Carol if you would like to take on this very important project. Ideally, we would like someone to complete this project before the third school term begins on September 7th, 2015. Although, it could be spread over a longer period of time as long as some of the modules were finished by the September date.

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