Abalo Irene’s Story

Abalo Irene

Abalo Irene

Abalo Irene is 28 years old.  She farms sorghum, cassava, sweet potatoes and ground nuts (g-nuts) to sell in Agwata village.  She feels she has a good life.  She has a husband who lives with her and the rest of the family. She and one of her children are HIV positive and at times, this causes her to not have enough energy to farm.  She knows this is not good, because she needs to sell her produce in the market in order to support her family. 

She had a difficult time during the war.  She witnessed the death of her parents and lost an entire side of her family.  She works hard to make life happier.  She has lived for 4 years in Agwata and knows that her future is better if she stays in the group.  The group provides support from the other women.  Abalo likes how they work together making beads for a better future. 

 Abalo’s mother always told her, “Don’t be a lazy girl, use your hands for working.”  She tries to remember this and works hard to try and keep her kids in school.  She wants her children to live by her mother’s wisdom too.   Abalo was only able to go up to Primary 3 in school before she had to stop and stay with her grandma.  She could not go back to school because her family did not have enough money.  Now she prays that her children will have a better opportunity and be able attend school on a regular basis.


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