Abol Dorine’s Story

Abol Dorine

Abol Dorine

Abol Dorine is a twenty-nine year-old woman who came from a family of 9.  Before the war, life was easy with her mother and father.  Once the war came, they were forced to move to the IDP camp and Abol lost five of her siblings.  The war was a very difficult time.  They only ate one meal a day and could only cook at night.  It was hard for her because they were not living on their own land. 

She married shortly after and had one child.  Then the rebels came and took her husband.  She remarried and had three more children.  However, her second husband became an alcoholic and died of alcohol poisoning.  So, now she is widowed and living with her mother, father and four children.

 Life is much better since she left the camps.  She is grateful for Outreach Uganda.  She is happy to make beads and sell them so she can buy soap to wash her family’s clothes.  It continues to make her happy to see the women putting effort into the beads.  She smiles because the ladies are united.  All the problems that she saw before are getting better!  She feels that the business of the beads is not about her, but about all of the ladies. 

She says that she is strong-hearted!  She feels that her journey is worth it for her kids and she feels like a strong woman because of it!  She feels that now she can forget about the past and have happiness.  Within Outreach Uganda they have clusters where they came make comments and work together. 

She continues to stay strong for her children so they may have a brighter future.  She wants to move away from the past and move forward so she can learn and gain knowledge.  Her advice to women is to be united, work together with your kids so they can learn the importance of being united.  Always have a friend to support you, so you can fight!


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