What We Do

When Outreach Uganda first begins working with our village groups, we require that the interested ladies form themselves into a CBO (community-based organization) group which is the Ugandan equivalent of a localized nonprofit organization. This allows the group to develop its leadership and to become responsible for the group’s activities and development.

Outreach Uganda provides marketing for each beader group’s craft products so that the group begins to have a regular source of income both for the individual beaders within the group and for the group itself. Bead orders are placed with each group every 1 to 4 weeks depending on the season of the year. The group’s paper beaded jewelry items are their most popular craft products. Please support our beaders by shopping in our online store or hosting a bead party! The more beads we sell, the more groups and the more ladies we can help!

Outreach Uganda’s mission is to help empower our women’s bead group members and their communities to improve all aspects of their lives so that they can overcome poverty. Sustainable income-generation projects are a key focus of these efforts. Our beaders are encouraged to save up money from their bead sales so they can use these monies to start group or individual businesses which they can do all year long. Micro-credit loans from their group’s internal revolving loan fund provides additional help for the ladies to either start businesses or further expand their existing businesses to a level that will help them rise above poverty.

In the two women’s groups in rural northern Uganda, income-generation activities have focused on the raising of cash crops individually and on a larger scale basis with a larger group of women.  In the village where our third beader group is located, we work with the entire community and have partnered with the community on expanding its parent supported primary school, and on helping the community establish a local health center which serves the entire parish of five villages.