Aciro Nighty’s Story

Aciro Nighty

Aciro Nighty lives in the village of Agwata and has been with the group rolling beads for one year.  She has 7 children and cares for her brother’s child as well.

 During the war, Aciro Nighty lived in the IDP Camp and stayed there until 2009.  She lost her family and two of her children in the war.  The war made her feel “the worst inside.” 

Now that the war is over, things are better.  However, she still feels alone and struggles to put her kids in school.  She is married, but gets little help from her husband as he drinks too much during the day.  Now that she is in Agwata, she farms millet and sorghum and loves the freedom and the ability to use the land for cultivation.

Aciro wants her children to be able to stay in school “so their future would be good.”  She very much enjoys being in the group and feels it has empowered her to change things for her children.    What makes her happy is talking with people and laughing, so she feels “ok” (good).  She wants people in America to know her story in Agwata and to like her beads so that she can continue to smile and lead a better life for herself and her children.


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