Adoch Sarah’s Story

Adoch Sarah

Adoch Sarah

Before the war, life was good for Adoch Sarah.  She came from a family of eight and attended school.  When the war began, she had to stop school, only reaching primary 5 in her studies, and lost three of her family members.  As a result, she married young and gave birth to four children.  During the war, they lived in the IDP camp. 

Adoch Sarah’s husband had another wife and was infected with HIV.  He has since passed away from the virus.  Adoch Sarah is also infected with HIV and has to travel very far for the medication she needs.   She is now on her own with her children. 

Now that Adoch is in Agwata, she feels that the times are better because nobody goes to bed hungry like they once did.  They no longer have to wait for food! 

Adoch enjoys being a part of the beading group.  She is excited to be trained in bee keeping and jewelry making!  Making beads makes her happy and helps her forget what makes her sad.  The group helps her forget her problems.  She was often lonely and sad, but now she feels she has the support of the group to help her through tough times. She stays strong given the hardships with which she has been presented.  She continues fighting for a better life for herself and her children!


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