Agwata Community Invests Sweat Equity to Expand School

The Agwata Community is busily making bricks during the dry season (January and February) so they will have the required amount needed to build 2 more classroom blocks for their Parent Primary School.   Outreach Uganda is partnering with the community on their school.   We built two classroom blocks in 2012, and have almost raised the needed funds to build two additional classroom blocks in 2013.  The community has significantly contributed to the buildings by providing earthen bricks, river sand and small rocks which are needed for the construction.

We expect to begin construction on these two blocks in early April.  Each blocks will house two classrooms.  The first block will be for the older primary students and the second block will be for the Nursery students.   Currently, the Nursery students and 2 primary classes are meeting in a crumbling structure of mud and thatch.


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