Agwata School P-7 Students Enjoy Study Tour to Park

Agwata School Group Tours Murchison Falls National Park

In July, Carol Davis, OU President; David Ocitti, Project Coordinator; and three teachers traveled with twelve P-7 students from the Agwata school. The group went on a four-day study tour to Murchison Falls National Park. Two mornings were spent with an armed guide learning more about the park’s animals, birds and habitats.  One student, Angee Kevin, said that the thing she will remember most is the lions. “They were more scary than the other animals.”

Northern Uganda student at Murchison Falls Park. July 2014.

Agwata P-7 Student laughing at “Wild Animal” sign at park lodge. Most Ugandans never have the opportunity to visit their country’s parks.

Many of the Agwata school students had not traveled further than the town of Kitgum which is 45 minutes from their village.  On the tour, they stayed overnight at the much larger town of Gulu, and also visited the town of Pakwach near the Congo border.

On one afternoon, the group experienced a boat ride up the Nile River approaching the Murchison waterfalls.  Along the way, they saw many hippos, elephants, eagles and a few crocodiles. Most students thought the boat ride and falls were the most interesting part of the trip.

Study Tour Helps Agwata School Students Broaden Horizons

According to their teacher, Ocan Michael, the trip has given the Agwata school class a tremendous learning boost in geography, science and Uganda history in addition to inspiring them to learn more and go far with their education.  Kinyara Jimmy said he “learned that educated people can work in good places.” Komakech Kennedy observed that “when you move around, you can see many different careers.” The entire school and community was excited to learn that Komakech achieved the highest marks in the parish (Division 1) on their recent mock exams. Kinyara and a girl, Alanyo Vicky, also achieved very high marks on the exams.

We applaud their excellent performance.  The class has just spent two weeks of their holiday doing extra studying for the upcoming final exams.  We hope to find sponsors for those students who perform well so that they can continue  on to secondary school in 2015.

Pakuuba air strip. July 2014

Class photo taken at Murchison’s Falls Pakuuba airstrip.

Agwata School Students Blaze a New Trail

Because of lack of funds and poor performances, very few students from Agwata have gone on to secondary school in past years.  Outreach Uganda hopes to change this and help the students blaze new trails for themselves so that some day, they can come back and help their community as teachers, doctors, welders, nurses, contractors and more.  Want to help one student achieve their dream of secondary school?  Call or email us now to sign up to sponsor one of these children next year!

Alanyo Vicky summed up many of the students’ desires of working hard, and getting a good job so she “could either come back to the park as an employee, or pay herself to go there again.”


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