Agwata Playground a Huge Success

Agwata Children Love Their Playground!

After one whole term of playing on the playground, the children at the Cubu school are very excited about it!  When the children are writing letters to their sponsors, we are even noticing that now some list “swinging” as one of their hobbies.

Northern Uganda playground - Agwata village

Ugandan nursery children on the Cubu School’s large playground structure

That is exciting for us to see at Outreach Uganda.  It signifies a big change from the days when a few jump ropes, and soccer goal posts and homemade soccer balls were the only available recreational activities at the school which now has over 500 students.

Playground train at Agwata playground

A simulated train, cars, and a giraffe and zebra toys are also on the Agwata playground.





The playground is tailored mainly for the nursery students and younger kindergarten to third grade level of students. Here are some photos we took in May of the children using the playground equipment.


Playground Offers Space for Other Sports Activities Too

Watch our “Middle Class” of nursery students play with a parachute for the first time. This was made possible by everyone who donated money or supplies to help stock our two nursery classrooms this past May.  Besides playing with the parachute, our nursery students can also play with their balls and play various team games too without interference or distraction by older children.


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