Agwata School Adds Nursery Section

Summer 2012 marked the opening of a Nursery School at the Agwata

Agwata Nursery students with newly donated "Peace Dolls"

Nursery students are excited about receiving their first ever doll.

Community School which Outreach Uganda helps support in northern Uganda.  Over 50 eager students joined the Nursery section.  In fact, during September many Nursery students had to be turned away for lack of space.  We hope to remedy the space problem by constructing a 3rd classroom block in early 2013.  Donations are urgently needed so construction work can begin immediately after the holidays.  Donate now and help us build 2 more classrooms. 

Nursery Section News:  Our nursery students are learning English!  We hired two trained nursery teachers to begin teaching the students.  Besides learning English, social skills, and beginning math and writing skills, our nursery students also enjoy free play time where they can play with toys cars, play dough and other fun things.  We had two volunteers visit them this summer and join them in many fun activities!  The volunteers also brought “Peace Pals” knitted dolls with them to distribute to the nursery children.  The children were quite enthusiastic about the Peace Dolls.  For most children, this was the only doll or toy they had ever received in their life.  We thank the nonprofit, Women4women Knitting4Peace also based here in Denver for donating these dolls to us, plus our local Lutheran Church’s younger youth class and knitting group who helped knit these dolls!

Most of these children were born in IDP camps during the war in northern Uganda.  They came out of the IDP camps in July 2009 to settle in their original ancestral village of Agwata.

October finds our community parents in Agwata, working on collecting small logs to help build a fence for the nursery playground area.  Next, they will be installing old tires (in an upright position) as an obstacle course/play area for the children.  If we can raise the funds, we hope to add a merry-go-round and swing set to the playground area.

Agwata School nursery students learning and playing July 2012.

Agwata School nursery students learn and play together - "Education is our future" is the school motto.


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