Agwata Volunteer Teaches Numeracy Skills to Women Beaders

Outreach Uganda volunteer, Judy G. spent 3 weeks in Uganda this summer teaching numeracy skills to two of our beader groups.  Besides teaching 45+ beaders the finer art of adding and subtracting numbers, she also introduced them to calculator skills. 

Volunteer Judy teaching numeracy class in Agwata, August 2012

Volunteer Judy teaching numeracy to our Agwata beaders in August 2012.

But the funnest part of her class was playing Bingo at the end of each class.  The ladies had much fun and could even win small prizes.  Several of them even made their own Bingo cards so they could play at home with their children!  Below we see Judy teaching the ladies in the new classroom at the Agwata school.

On her last day in Agwata, the ladies were excited to host a bead buying marketplace for Judy (in the yellow rain poncho) to buy their beads.  A rainy didn’t slow Judy down!

Volunteer Judy buying beads from our Agwata beaders

Volunteer Judy buying beads from our Agwata beaders, August 2012


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