Akumu Irene’s Story

Akumu Irene

Akumu Irene

Akumu Irene is a thirty-six year-old mother of five children.  Of her five children, one has passed away.  Akumu has a very positive attitude about life.  Before the war, Akumu says that she was very free, and during the war, she still hoped for a better future.  She saved money to help her family have a better life. Her mother always taught her to respect people, to dig in the garden and to study!  She did all of this with the exception of studying.  The war came and made that impossible.  She felt she had to get married instead. 

Akumu did marry, however, her husband has since passed away.  She is on her own now with her four living children and wishes for an Ox plow to help her with farming.  For the future, she wants to begin a new life and start a new development.  Her future plan is to educate her kids and get bricks to build a house! 

She has learned a lot from making beads and participating in projects.  She prays the programs will continue because it has changed her life! 

In this world, what makes Akumu happy is God.  There are problems and happiness and they all come from God.  She is excited to buy soap for clothes, to see her children educated, to be free in the group, and to see her problems get better.  She wants to remind people to respect their elders and community, to go to school, unite friends and to stay strong together! She also would like an American pen pal.


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