Alimocan Jennifer’s Story

Alimocan Jennifer

Alimocan Jennifer

Alimocan Jennifer is 32 years old with 7 kids.  When the war first began, the rebels came and disorganized the people.  It was during this time that she got married and managed to have little difficulties.  She was still able to plant cassava.  She remembers a time when her husband was buying blankets in Sudan and the rebels were unhappy with this, so they punished him. That’s how she knew things were about to change.  After some time, the rebels started killing people and they had to flee to the IDP camps. 

Alimocan’s husband now has a job in Uganda with the church and life is better.  He is able to help put her kids in school.  Now that she is in Agwata, she wants to be able to farm so she does not waste her money. 

Alimocan is proud that she was one of the first ladies to start beading.  She likes the teachings, projects, and the union the group provides.  She likes that the Outreach Uganda group works together. She wants to learn business, craves knowledge and is eager to learn.  She could not be more excited for bead making, bee keeping and farming!  She encourages communication and the sponsorship program to continue with Outreach Uganda.

 If she could have a dream come true, it would be to educate children everywhere.    She prays that her kids will continue to study and is very happy that her kids are able to be in school.  Her children “complete her life!”


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