Almost Ready for Roofing – School Construction Update

Look what your donations are accomplishing!

northern Uganda school construction underway in Lamwo, northern Uganda

Construction workers at the Cubu School receiving more bricks ferried by students – June 2014

With great cooperation from the weather (thank you, thank you), construction workers were able to do much of the brick work on our third class block, building the walls almost to the roof level.  They used all the burnt bricks on site and so each family in the community was responsible for making or buying more bricks in order to finish the brick work.

Here are photos of some of the students ferrying the bricks from the family locations to the school ground.

Northern Uganda students ferrrying bricks to help build classrooms

Students ferrying bricks to help build more classrooms at the Cubu Parent school.

Workers were using the bricks almost as fast as they were brought.  Roofing is expected to start next week.  We are very thankful for all our donations from sponsors and other donors!  We still need another $700 to complete the building if you have friends or family that might be willing to donate.  They can mail checks, call with their credit card, or donate to this project which is on the globalgiving web site at:

Once completed (in July we hope), this newest third classroom block will house two classes of students plus have a small center area that will serve as a teachers’ workroom.  Construction should begin on the fourth classroom block as soon as this third block is complete. Over 70 of our sponsored students attend this school.  If you would like to sponsor a needy child still on our waiting list, find out more here.


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