Amazon Smile–An Easy Way to Donate

Smile! Here’s an Easy Way to Donate

Do you use Amazon to shop online? Did you know that with Amazon Smile, you can make most of the same purchases and a portion of the purchase price is automatically donated to a charitable organization of your choice?
Simply go to and create or login to your account. For first-timers, you will be prompted to select a charity – type “Outreach Uganda” into the search box and select us! From now on, when you shop on Amazon, start from Amazon Smile, and your purchases will help support our programs at no extra cost to you. It’s a way to make a meaningful gift donation without spending any money. Our Ugandan women and children will be smiling!

Odiya, sponsored student, all smiles

Odiiya, sponsored student at our northern Uganda school is all smiles!

Purchase Gifts or Business Products On Amazon and a Percentage Donation will be Made to Us

Have a friend who uses Amazon to make wholesale or business-related purchases?  Please send them the link to this post and let them know how they can easily help our Ugandan women and their families by something as simple as their everyday ordering from Amazon!  Mother’s Day will be here soon.  If you shop on Amazon for Mother’s Day or graduation gifts, please remember


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