Amito Molly

Amito Molly lives in the Walukuba area of Jinja. There are 13 children in her home. Seven are her children and 6 others are orphans from her siblings who have died. None of the orphans are in school due to lack of school fees. Two of her children are also at home due to lack of school fees. Molly is originally from Kitgum but has lived in the Jinja area for over 20 years. She is an accomplished seamstress and earns some income by making school uniforms. She wishes she had more capital so that she could make a larger stock of school uniforms throughout the year to build up her inventory to sell them at the beginning of each school year. Her biggest problem is her one room house. It is being sold so she either needs to buy it (expected price of $1,200) or be forced out. However, other rental alternatives are much more expensive.