Anek Josephine’s Story

Anek Josephine

Anek Josephine

Anek Josephine is forty years old.  When she was growing up, life was good even though her father died when she was only three years old.  She was the ninth child in her family.  She was responsible for working in the garden and fetching water. 

In 1988, she married.  She got married very young because she could not go to school since her mom could not afford it.  She only went to Primary 1 and 2.  At the age of 18, she was married because she did not know what else to do?

When the rebels first arrived in 1987, her cattle were stolen and many other problems occurred.  They were forced into the IDP camps where life was very difficult.  There was no happiness and never enough food.

She felt she had the strength to get through those times and she did!  She had a dream she spoke to God about stopping the pain.  Now, she is free and her prayers are answered.  She feels much stronger because she is on her own land! 

Anek hopes for lasting energy to work hard to feed her children so they can be happy; she hopes they will attend a university!  Her dream is to get an ox plow or hire a tractor to help with the planting so her family can get more money to help out her extended family.  Some of her extended family is worse off than her family is.  She hopes that prospering in farming will help keep her family united. 

She believes that “struggle is an acceptance and part of life.”  Outreach Uganda has helped her grow.  She has become united with the women who now have a better understanding of business and life is better!  Being with the ladies in the group helps her forget her current and past problems.


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