Bead Events Mean Big Money for Our Beaders!

Our Ugandan Women Need Your Help to Increase Paper Bead Sales

October marks the start of our paper bead selling season when we help sell our Ugandan women’s paper bead jewelry and fair trade crafts at bead events not only in metro Denver but throughout the United States.  In addition, we ship their Ugandan paper beads to interested volunteers who want to host a bead party or sell at their workplace, church, school and more.

We can’t do this without you!  We need the help of interested volunteers throughout the U.S. who might be willing to spend a day at a local craft fair selling our Ugandan women’s fair trade craft products, or other volunteers who might want to host a more personalized bead party with their friends, family, co-workers or church members, showing them our women’s beautiful paper bead jewelry.

Buy Paper Bead Jewelry or Donate Online

Help our 200+ Ugandan women beaders (see Abong Lilly and her children below) earn more income through bead sales.  Don’t have time this year to volunteer?  Please consider making an online holiday gift purchase to buy paper bead jewelry now.  It truly does make a life changing difference in the lives of our beaders and especially their children. Some of our more popular shop items for the holidays include paper bead ornaments, wine glass charms (sets of 8), stuffed animals (giraffes, elephants and zebras) in colorful African cotton kitenge fabric, and our ever popular bracelets in many sizes and styles.  Our cotton sling bags are popular gifts for high school and college students.  They are also great as alternative shopping bags. Many of our products are in the $5 to $15 range making them ideal stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, and gifts for office co-workers.

If you are the person who has everything or who has already bought many products from us, please consider making a donation online.  It truly can make a life changing difference in our beaders’ lives.  We currently have three major projects underway and donations are especially needed to see these projects through to a successful completion: 1) our home ownership program for our Jinja women 2) expansion of our northern Uganda clinic to offer maternity services and 3) construction of our fourth classroom block at the Agwata school.



 Help Abong Lilly sell her beadsAbong Lilly, a very talented beader in our Jinja beader group makes micro beads, coin purses and paper and seed bead necklaces.  Volunteer at a bead event or host a bead partyVolunteer at an event or host a bead party and help Abong earn income to support her family.
Volunteer at an event or host a bead party and help Abong earn income to support her family.

Same Business Day for Paper Bead Shipments During December

We know you are busy during December, and that timing is critical.  During this month especially, we ship most orders on the same business day they are received.  We receive weekly shipments of products from Uganda during this time, and maintain a large inventory at our metro Denver location which enables us to do this.  If we see we cannot ship your order within 2 business days, we will notify you immediately.  If you happen to live in the metro Denver area, you can call or email us and we will let you know where you can find our products in local stores or you are always welcome to visit our office showroom where our largest inventory of products is located.

Fair Trade Pricing for Paper Beads Means Happy Beaders!

We pay our beaders a better than fair trade price for their efforts.  We are able to do this because most of our U.S. labor is volunteer.  This means our beaders can earn a fair day’s wage for their work, work under good and safe conditions with no child labor involved, and also participate in beneficial training programs that we provide especially for them.  This includes business training, leadership and management training, English and numeracy training, and personal development training.








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