Change a Child’s Life Today!

Have you been wanting to sponsor a child but aren’t quite sure what it means or what is involved?  In February and March each year, we actively seek sponsors for children of our beaders or children in the Agwata community that want to go to school.  We need your help as a sponsor so that the child can receive mentoring and encouragement as part of our sponsorship program and begin or continue their schooling.

For most primary children, the cost is $21 per month.  You can read more details about the sponsorship program at “How to Sponsor a Child“.  Your sponsorship can change the life of a child forever!  Please help.  Here are some of the children needing sponsors as of March 11, 2013:




The above children are: Atim Brenda (age 5), Ankirara Joel (age 14), Acen Brenda (age 11) and Ojara Alfred (age 7).

Click here to sponsor one of these children and to see other children eagerly awaiting sponsorship. Please forward this information to family or friends you know who might also want to sponsor!


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