Community Constructs Three Teacher Huts

During April, the Agwata parents constructed three teachers’ huts on the Agwata school property.  Constructing the mud and thatch huts was an important community goal to help assure that the school will be able to attract and retain good teachers.  Community members were divided into three groups and each group worked on one hut including providing all the materials needed to build the hut.  The photos below demonstrate how one of the traditional northern Uganda huts is built:

  1. build the pole frame for the roof
  2. put the earthen bricks in place to make the main base of the home
  3. lift the roof frame onto the base
  4. thatch the roof with dried native grasses that were cut in Dec.-Jan. (about 50 bundles of grass is needed for each roof)  

    Construction of Agwata teachers' huts - the roof

    Community Use Timber Poles to Build Roof for Teacher's Hut

The long-term goal is for these huts to eventually be replaced with more permanent houses made of cement and bricks.  But for now, this represents an important achievement and shows the community’s commitment to both its teachers and the school. 

More teacher huts are needed and will be built during the next year’s dry season when more dried grasses will be available. 

Group 3 puts the roof in place on the teacher hut 3

Group 3 members put the roof on teacher hut 3 while others attend to the brick work.


Thatching the roof on teacher hut one

Thatching the roof on teacher hut one at the Agwata school


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