Cubu Health Care Unit Opens Doors June 13

Outreach Uganda in partnership with the Agwata community opened a local health care clinic June 13.  Outreach Uganda was fortunate to have the volunteer assistance of Sacha, a registered nurse from Canada who spent over two weeks in Agwata helping oversee the opening of the clinic.  Sacha had worked in Tanzania for nine months with the Canadian equivalent of the Peace Corps and so was quite used to rural health conditions in a developing country like Uganda.

Clnic Opens in Agwata - June 2013

Outreach Uganda Assists in Opening Community Clinic in Agwata Uganda

During the first three weeks of operation, the clinic served over 300 patients.  The clinic serves the entire parish in which Agwata is located.  Besides Agwata, there are five other villages in the parish with over 3,300 people in total.  Like most areas of Uganda, over half of this population consists of children under the age of 15.  Before this clinic opened, patients had to walk over 17 kilometers to the next closest clinic which might not even have the needed medicines.  During rainy season, the journey can be especially treacherous as roads and paths become so muddy they become almost impassable.

The clinic began operations with three full-time staff including a registered nurse, and a nursing assistant.  An in-charge nurse from the sub-county provides additional supervision.  With time, the clinic hopes to expand its services to maternity services, and assistance to HIV/AIDS patients.

Outreach Uganda is currently seeking sponsors who would be willing to assist in providing a high level nurse, called a nurse/midwife at this clinic. We are also in the process of forming a clinic advisory committee which would be once per quarter via skype to help offer input and advice to help the clinic run smoothly.  Please contact Carol at  if you would like to be a “nurse sponsor” or to be on the clinic advisory committee.



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