Cubu School Classroom Blocks Get Cement Floors!

We are quite excited that the floors in the classrooms of our two classroom blocks at the Cubu school were finally finished this past July 2013!  The two classroom blocks at the Cubu school were completed in July and August of 2012, and excited teachers and students moved into the buildings and began using them immediately.  However, the final interior finish work could not be completed before rainy season began that year.  Here’s a photo of the work in process in late June.  During this time, the classes had to meet outside under the trees.


Cubu classroom being cemented

Cubu school classroom being cemented in July – rock base completed

Besides finishing these two existing classroom blocks, the community has continued to gather the remaining needed materials which are needed before construction can begin on a third classroom block for Nursery children.  We are still completing our fundraising for this block and hope that the needed funds will be raised by year-end so that construction can begin during the dry season at the beginning of 2014.


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