December Wish List

Pre-School Donations Especially Needed for February Trip

Learning Materials Needed for 3 to 5 Year Olds

We’re beginning to collect donations for our next trip to Uganda in early February.  These items need to fit into checked baggage suitcases.  We are still focusing on pre-school items needed for our three years of nursery classes plus our kindergarten class. Has your child outgrown some of these items or do you know a school that might want to have a toy and school supply drive for us?

  1. Pre-school blocks – tinker toys; brain flakes; mega block/duplo block vehicles and specialized sets such as farm yard or firehouse; magnablocks; cardboard blocks-still flattened; bristle blocks
  2. Play Dough

    Pre-School Items - career costumes needed!

    Pre-School Items – career costumes needed!

  3. Play Dough Tools for classroom use
  4. Pencils, black and blue name brand pens
  5. Pre-school box games – especially Candyland and Chutes and Ladders.  What are other popular ones?  We have Hungry Hippos.
  6. Hot Wheels cars (metal ones are best) and track
  7. Washcloths (large packs of 10 or 20 from Walmart–thinner ones work better) – 200 washcloths needed (to go in sanitary pad kits for girls in our Girls’ Education Initiative program).
  8. Help Give our Preschoolers More Than Pencils !

    Themed units of materials such as “Astronauts” or “Snow” “Building a Home” are also needed.

  9. Brain Flakes and other Creative Design Toys
  10. Themed material on various topics: “Airplanes”, “Astronauts”, “Bugs”, “Building a House” are also needed.
  11. Bingo set wiBith 50 to 60 bingo cards suitable for kindergarteners to 2nd graders
  12. Bingo prizes such as bouncy balls and small toys you might find at U.S. Toy or similar places
  13. 60th Anniversary hardboard edition of Harold and the Purple Crayon
  14. Larger magnet board (such as 24″ x 36″) which would fold and fit into a suitcase
  15. 29″ and 31″ lighter weight suitcases (used okay) – to transport stuff to Uganda!
  16. Basic camera preferably with charger unit and battery, and case – to be used at school
  17. Any teaching supplies/tools/equipment/books – from a retiring preschool or K to 2nd grade teacher
  18. Thinner, lightweight laptop carrying bags (can’t be too heavy or big)
  19. Money donations to help cover airline’s extra luggage costs of $200 per suitcase

Use Smile.Amazaon.Com and Name Outreach Uganda as Your Charity:

  1. Shopping on Amazon for the holidays? —    use this direct link:   Shop at and donate to Outreach Uganda or go to and name Outreach Uganda as your charity.  Amazon mails OU monthly donation checks based on the volume of purchases made.  It all adds up!
  2. Thinking of going solar at your home or business (especially popular in sunny Colorado) – Solar City will give Outreach Uganda a $200 check for each solar installation.  Email us for more info on how to do this.
  3.  Donate airline miles to Outreach Uganda

Questions or need more info? Give us a call at 303/683-8450 or email us at  Our next trip to Uganda is scheduled for early February. There are often many great sales in December or early January that you could take advantage of.


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