Donated Oxen Help Northern Ugandan Women Earn Income!

In late May, our five Agwata women’s group clusters were each actively working on opening and plowing more land where they intend to plant peas and maize.  Most of the  oxen that were donated to them in early 2012, have grown into mature trained oxen teams. This has enabled each cluster to open more land for planting cash crops. Shown here are two women from the  Olubi cluster with their oxen team.  Another cluster now has two large gardens where they are growing cassava, a very popular root vegetable in Uganda.

Ugandan women, rural women plowing fields with oxen

Two women from Olubi cluster plowing field with their ox team. May 2014 in northern Uganda – Lamwo.

Most of the land where the women are located has not been planted in twenty years due to the war which took place.  It is a daunting task to open a new piece of land.  Before the oxen begin plowing, hand clearing of large trees and bushes must be done.  Here is another of our Agwata women’s clusters laboring to clear the larger items.

Northern Uganda farming, northern Uganda resettlement, women's empowerment, african women,

Agwata clearing more virgin land which has not been farmed in 20 years – northern Uganda.





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