Draw Close for a Fireside Chat

After sundown in Agwata, our first official overnight volunteers to Agwata are treated to a “fireside chat” with local residents that Beatrice, our northern project manager organized.

Fireside chat in Agwata feb2012

Fireside chat with volunteers and Agwata beaders

Beatrice explained that “before the war” such fireside chats were common amongst families.  It was there, that elder members of the family could pass down traditions, tell stories and help encourage the younger ones in the proper direction for their lives.

So…for just tonight, we held our own fireside chat with several Outreach Uganda volunteers from the U.S.  Community members could ask volunteers questions and vice versa.  We exchanged many good stories this evening.  When asked about the large family sizes in this area, one elderly woman responsded that “since life is harder now and we no longer have as much food and resources, maybe we should reduce our family sizes.”  It’s good food for thought.  We all came away enriched.


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