February Wish List – School Needs and Clinic Needs

February Wish List – School Needs and Clinic Needs for Northern Uganda

We’re in northern Uganda right now. So we are observing first hand what kinds of items are most needed for this location.  They can generally be categorized into school needs and clinic needs. Some of our most urgent needs are those things that are highly specialized and need to be purchased in Uganda and are readily available (if only we had the money!).  Examples of the school needs and clinic needs are:

Agwata Primary School Needs:

New school desks at Agwata Uganda primary school feb 2015

Donor contributions provided desks for our Agwata school 6th grade students.

  • more student desks for our 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classrooms where students are sitting on the floors.  Each desk costs $60 and can seat three students. 15 desks are needed per classroom.
  • school sweaters to offer as achievement awards to the top 2 or 3 students in each class.  One sweater costs $6.  A local tailor makes these sweaters to order with the school colors.
  • playground equipment for our hoped for Nursery playground.  Currently, there is a grassy play area, soccer field, and two netball hoops.  We would very much like to provide our youngest students with a safe area where they can play while they are learning and socializing with each other.  Many welders in the nearest town can make playground equipment such as swings, merry go rounds, slides, and various metal bars.
    Our dream playground for the Agwata school.

    Our dream playground for the Agwata school. Yes, we really did see this in Uganda! Even one half this size would be fantastic.

    Prices range from $200 to $500 for various pieces of equipment including installation.  We can buy them one at a time or as a group.  We estimate that $5000 is needed to complete the playground including necessary fencing.

  • musical instruments that are locally made such as drums, calabashes, wooden xylophone, and metal shakers and bells.  $500 would buy most of the items.

School Needs and Clinic Needs for Items Found in the U.S.:

Here’s a list of the more common but essential things that donors in the U.S. could provide that would be still economical to bring to Uganda even after considering the shipping cost.  We normally hand carry these items in our luggage when going to Uganda, but have to pay for additional baggage charges to do so.  Of course, donations to offset the shipping cost are also greatly appreciated!

School Needs:

  • Calculators costing $10 to $15 for our secondary students which can do basic algebraic functions
  • Smaller, more basic calculators costing $3 to $4 for our Numeracy training program for the women
  • Pencils and pens (mainly blue and black, a few red, but of good quality) for our primary school students and teachers.
  • Envelope style folders which snap or tie shut and are waterproof for our teachers
  • High quality pre-school learning materials and games that fit inside a suitcase
  • Clear plastic containers storage containers with lids (rectangle best) which will fit inside a large size suitcase.  For example a container that is: 12L x 8W x 5H.
  • TSA approved combination style suitcase locks

Clinic Needs:

  • Sanitary pad kits such as those from Days for Girls
  • Sawyer water filters – approx. cost $70 each
  • Children’s vitamins for our school children who are sick
  • Juice Plus fruit and vegetable supplement type vitamins for hiv positive women
  • Receiving blankets (lighter weight cotton flannel ones) to give to new mothers at the clinic

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