Girls’ Education Initiative Program Aims to Keep Girls in School

Girls’ Education Program Expands in Northern Uganda

Paska, our Girls’ Education Initiative Coordinator in northern Uganda (Lamwo) reports that there are 79 girls regularly attending the weekly after school program sponsored by Outreach Uganda.  These meetings are part of Outreach Uganda’s “Girls’ Education Initiative” program which began in mid-2010 with 19 girls.  This program aims to keep girls in school and focused on their education starting as early as 4th grade.

Outreach Uganda's Girls' Education Initiative Program

Agee Anet a P-4 showing her future goal.

Each weekly meeting focuses on a specific topic to build the self-confidence of girls and their desire to stay in school.  Last week’s meeting discussed the benefits of staying in school and what the girls’ future goals are.   Agee Anet, who is in P-4, wants to be a doctor.

Other goals included teachers, nurses, a member of parliament, working in a bank, and a disciple!  According to Paska, besides a learning activity each week, she also focuses on the girls having fun together and being supportive of each other.

Besides the weekly meetings with the girls, the program also includes the parents since it is the parents who sometimes stop the girls from going to school. Instead, they might prefer that the child stays home to garden, cook or watch younger siblings.  As time goes on, we hope that more and more parents will see the value of sending both their boys and girls to school every day.


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