Give Your Sponsored Child a Christmas Gift

Help Make Christmas Special for Your Sponsored Child

Christmas is a perfect time to share holiday joy with your sponsored child and his/her family. Your Christmas gift will bring incredible joy.

Donate now for your sponsored child's Christmas gift.

Donate now. Make your sponsored child’s Christmas special.

 For many children in our program, this will be the only present they receive this Christmas. Christmas gifts will be purchased locally by our staff who know each child, so children will receive what they need and want most.  You may donate in any amount you choose.  Sometimes sponsors ask us for suggested amounts. Below, are some suggested amounts with an indication of what that amount could buy in Uganda.  As you might imagine, money goes much further there than in the U.S.
  • $30 – buys a nice gift for your sponsored child, such as a dress, shoes and a book for school
  • $50 – buys a nice gift for your child plus a contribution towards the family Christmas dinner
  • $100 – buys a nice gift for your child, provides a special Christmas dinner and provides for some gifts for other children in the family as well
  • $200 – all of the $100 items plus a special livestock purchase such as a goat
  • $300 – all of the $100 items plus a major household purchase such as goats and chickens, a bicycle, upgrade or refurbishing of the family’s mud and thatch hut, a special farming tool or seedlings for a new farming project, etc.
At whatever gift level you choose, please know it will bring much joy to your child and his family. Most of our families, especially in the Agwata and Kitgum areas are quite poor and normally would not have Christmas gifts or even meat at their Christmas dinner at all.

Donate Now and Make Your Child’s Christmas Special  

Once you’ve pressed the donate button, you will be able to insert the gift amount you want to donate, plus specify what it is for. If you have any questions, please call Carol at 303/683-8450. Thanks so much for your generosity.  We are a U.S. nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. law.


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