Grace Latigo

Grace lives in the Walukuba area of Jinja with one child, age 15 plus 2 nieces and 1 nephew, ages 12 to 18 of her late brother. Her husband died in 1998 due to an accident. The family had moved to Jinja from Awere in 1995. She currently does beading to earn income. She used to raise 500 chickens and sold them for their meat. But she stopped in 2003 because the feed became expensive and she became sick with HIV and depleted the money for her medical treatment. Now that her health has stabilized, she dreams of restarting her chicken business again. But she needs $300 to do this. She must also finish buying the 2 room house she has been renting (it is being privatized by the city) or she will be forced to move to a more expensive rental which she cannot afford.