Nonprofit Volunteering: Have a Rewarding Experience with Us

Nonprofit Volunteering: Not Only Rewarding but Allows Donor Dollars to Do More! 

Volunteers are our lifeblood.  Not only do they help our organization accomplish its mission of empowering poor people in Uganda to overcome poverty, but a cadre of dedicated volunteers also means that every donor dollar we receive can be stretched much farther.  With our founder’s, Carol Davis’s, background as a CPA working with nonprofit organizations, she has seen firsthand how important it is to keep overhead to a necessary minimum while channeling the most donor dollars possible to the program activities of highest importance. Whether you are highly technically oriented such as an attorney or health professional, or someone with less technical skills who wants to make sure important things get done and who are willing to do whatever might be needed,   your nonprofit volunteering with us, will help make sure donor dollars are utilized as wisely as possible. And we hope you will find your nonprofit volunteering experience very rewarding!

U.S. marketing volunteer organizing a bead event display.

Marketing volunteer, Isabella, helping organizing gridwall display for an event.

Typical Questions People Have Before Their Nonprofit Volunteering with Us 

Prior to their nonprofit volunteering, we find people have many questions.  Please read on. We hope you’ll find some answers that will encourage you to volunteer today! Here are some of the more typical questions we hear:

  1. How long do you need to volunteer? In Uganda, you should plan on spending at least seven days in-country. In the U.S., we hope you can make volunteering with us at least a one year commitment.
  2. Is the schedule flexible? – It can be flexible although we like for you to commit to which days at least a week or two in advance so that we can depend and know what work to allocate to you.
  3. How does virtual volunteering work? We will communicate via phone, email and/or skype re: the work that needs to be done and the timetable/deadlines related to that work. You will then independently work on the project with specific deliverables and check in times. It helps if you are a self-starter, focused and like to work independently.

    Volunteering with Outreach Uganda with children in northern Uganda

    Outreach Uganda volunteer Kelsey with children in northern Uganda

  4. I’m not sure what I can do. Can you help me find something to fit with your needs? We would love to talk with you more to find out about your skills, passions, and interests and then see together how that might fit with the kinds of needs and projects we currently have.  Please contact Carol or Kate to talk more about it!
  5. Will I get to meet your other volunteers? It depends! If you are working at our actual metro Denver location, then you will certainly get to meet other volunteers although each volunteer is on a different schedule. If you are a virtual volunteer, then you may be talking to a few other volunteers via phone, but will not be able to physically meet them unless you come to Denver! You’re always welcome to pay us a visit, and likewise, we would love to meet you in person if we happen to be traveling to your city. We try to schedule at least one volunteer social/recognition get together each year.

Is Nonprofit Volunteering in Uganda Scary? 

Not so much. The war there ended in late 2006. So it is now quite safe. Uganda is actually one of the more popular African countries to travel to. Our largest women’s group is located in Jinja, Uganda which is the source of the Nile River and a very popular tourist destination (of course our women live in the slum areas of Jinja, not the tourist areas). Depending on how long you are in Uganda, it might be possible to schedule an extra day or two to visit one of Uganda’s largest game parks called Murchison Falls National Park. Next trips to Uganda are in May and July 2015, then Feb 2016.

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