Immunization Services Needed at Northern Uganda Clinic

Motorcycle Will Give Northern Uganda Clinic Access to Immunization Services 

Agwata clinic needs immunization services.

Nurse Grace with child, Mwaka, at Agwata clinic. Immunization services are needed for Agwata’s babies and children.

Help Mwaka and other children and babies in Agwata be able to receive needed immunizations in their northern Uganda clinic located in Agwata village in Lamwo district. Currently, mothers and their infants and children must travel either 17 or 31 kilometers to the next nearest health centers to receive needed immunizations. Many are unable to do this.

Outreach Uganda is currently fundraising for a small motorcycle.  This will allow the remote northern Uganda clinic  to pick up and return, once per week, an insulated cooler with needed immunizations from the larger sub-county health center.  Total needed:  $1,000 which includes the cost of the motorcycle and fuel for six months. Donate now. This will allow the clinic to begin offering immunization services one day a week.

Immunization Services Key Part of Maternity Services Addition at Northern Uganda Clinic

Being able to offer immunizations one day per week is a key part of adding maternity services to our Northern Uganda clinic.  Mothers need to make sure their newborn is properly immunized in accordance with Uganda government requirements within one week of delivery.  Therefore, any newborns would be able to be immunized right at the Agwata clinic without having to travel again to the next nearest health center.  In the long run, we hope that a more substantial and unfortunately, more costly clinic improvement can be done which is to install solar panels to provide electricity to run a small refrigerator to store immunizations full time at the clinic. At that later time, the motorcycle can then be converted to offer transport services to emergency patients needing to go to hospitals further away. Besides providing electricity for the refrigerator, electricity would also provide better lighting than our current solar lantern can provide, and would also more reliably charge cell phones which are often needed in emergency situations, but not always available.


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