Jinja Beader Alice Works Hard for Her Children

Alice works hard for her children.  Like the Wangari Maathai quote says, “Women are responsible for their children, they cannot sit back, waste time and see them starve.”  Alice embodies this quote.

Alice brews alcohol to help feed her children.

Alice is determined to succeed. She brews alcohol to earn money to feed her children.

She lives in the middle of the Masese slums of Jinja in a dilapidated rented room with her children (only the middle room is hers).  She distills alcohol in a make shift structure right next to her home.  It’s a hard life, but through her perseverance and efforts, her children will not starve.  She is also doing beading and saving her money diligently for a down payment on a new home as part of Outreach Uganda’s home ownership project.  We hope that this will be the final step that Alice needs to help her escape poverty and lead a better life.  We heard just yesterday that Alice has a new necklace design.  We’re excited to see it and buy some if its good!  Please help all our women beaders this holiday season and consider purchasing some of their products to give as gifts.  It makes a world of difference to them and their children!  Fair trade isn’t just good. It’s life changing.

Here are some photos of Alice on brewing day.  It’s a very dirty business and can be dangerous as the alcohol mixture in the blackened drum sometimes explodes, not to mention the mixture is quite hot and can easily burn your skin. She brews under the makeshift structure on the left.  Her rented home is the middle section of the structure immediately to the right of the brewing area.

Alice's business and home in the Masese slum.

Alice brews in the makeshift structure on the left. She lives in the middle room of the building on the right.

Alice and her children.

Alice and her children immediately in front of their rented room.




Alice and children at their rented room.

Alice with two of her children, standing outside their rented room in the middle of the Masese slum.


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