Jinja Beaders Show Strength and Unity

We always knew our Jinja beaders were a very united group of women.  When we visited their group in early February this year, they surprised us when we first arrived by all showing up (all 70+ of them) in their newly made matching outfits.

Jinja Group Members Greeting Carol and Michele

Jinja Group in their New Brightly Colored Outfits

The above photo captures some of the group as they first greeted us. As you can see, they are very bright and beautiful.  And they had even made matching dresses for both Michele and I who are also in the photo.  It was a good, unexpected surprise when they welcomed us.  I think it shows the group’s unity and pride in what they have accomplished as a group.  With your continued help, and their unity and strong spirit, they will win their fight against poverty. And I do think their hearts are as bright and good on the inside as their dresses show on the outside!


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