Jinja Group Trains our Two Northern Groups

In January our Jinja beaders also became “Uganda Volunteers”.  For one week in mid-January, the Jinja group hosted a total of nine members from our Kitgum and Agwata groups who had come to Jinja to participate in Outreach Uganda’s leadership training class.  Besides the leadership training, selected Jinja group members also provided training on bead making and group organizational issues.  This photo shows the leadership training group participating in a group exercise involving critical thinking skills for leaders. 

Outreach Uganda leadership training class exercise Jan. 2012

Leadership training class group exercise on thinking skills

As part of their hosting duties, they made sure our Kitgum and Agwata beaders also made it to see the Source of the Nile tourist area.  Here we see some of the group entering the wooden boat to ride to the island in the Nile River near the actual spring source of the Nile River.

Training group at Source of Nile area

Leadership training group boarding wooden boat at Source of the Nile Jan. 2012


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