Keeping Girls in School–Sanitary Pads from U.S. Volunteers

This summer, volunteers traveling to Uganda brought over 70 sanitary pad kits that were distributed to our sponsored girls at the upper primary or secondary level of school.  In addition, the kits were distributed to those additional P-5 to P-7 girls that are part of our special Girls’ Education Initiative (see separate article).  This photo shows a group of the mothers receiving the kits on behalf of their daughters who were in school at the time.

Agwata mothers with the sanitary pad kits.

Agwata mothers receiving sanitary pad kits for their daughters.

Many thanks to Joanne E. and Allison J. back in the U.S.  who made these kits.  According to Joanne, this was the biggest sewing project she had ever undertaken.  Each kit contained a drawstring bag, a sanitary pad form containing snaps, and at least 8 sanitary pad inserts.  Both the mothers and girls appreciated the kits and have found them to be a vast improvement over just using whatever materials might be available in the village such as scraps of cloth, and leaves and grasses.  As a means of ensuring sustainability, a  local tailor has received the patterns and instructions on how to make the kits although the cloth must still be sourced from a nearby bigger town.


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