Lato Kelementina’s Story

Lato Kelementina

Lato Kelementina

Lato Kelementina is fifty-six years old and lives in the Agwata village where she cares for her seven children and five grandchildren.  She lost her husband in the war and lost one child to disease.  Lato spent many years in an IDP camp in Kitgum before coming to Agwata.  Before the war began, her husband was a chair person in their village and that is why she believes he husband was killed.  Lato Kelementina had to escape the rebels and was forced to hide in the bushes.  All 7 of her children had to hide in the bushes as well.  After sunset, when the rebels were not around, they would run to their next hiding place.  During that time, she lost her mother, husband, and brother.  She was alone.  She feels the government camp saved her life.

Lato’s children are in school, but she struggles to keep them there.  She has faith that her children’s school will continue to grow so her kids can continue to learn.  She wants her children to be educated and to grow (and she would like more biscuits for them too). Lato Kelementina plants maize, millet and cotton.  She takes her crops to people in the village and tries to transport her goods to Kitgum village.  She uses the money from her crops to buy books, soap and clothes for her children.

Her hopes are simple.  She hopes for no disease, no more war and especially for peace!  She hopes for happiness!  She dreams of having new clothes to make her feel beautiful and happy.  She dreams of rain for farming so she can have faith for a better future.  She will continue to roll beads to make people smile and is very excited to share her story with those in America!


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