Mary Okidi

Mary is 45 and married but shares her husband with 2 other wives. She had 12 children but 6 have died. Currently in her household there are 6 people. They are renting a house in Walukuba East.Mary lived in Pader and moved to Jinja 10 years ago. In Pader rebels burned down her house, killing 2 of her daughters. In Pader they grew their own food. She makes an income by digging and making beads. It doesn’t cover school or housing fees. She hopes the beads will help with this.

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  1. Kelly Peters says:

    I received a necklace today for my birthday from two friends. One of the friends has been involved with Missional Mammas who sponsored an open house with items made by artesians from several countries. The necklace they purchased for me was made from beads which Mary made. She does beautiful work! I pray that her beadwork brings in extra income to make life a little easier for her. I am grateful and honored to have received such a beautiful work of art.

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