Meet Aber Beatrice Who Makes Specialty Necklaces

Aber Beatrice is one of our Jinja beaders who is quite adept at bead making.  She is one of just a few ladies that can make our “Specialty Necklaces” which contain lots of both paper beads and seed beads.  Besides bead making, Aber also is quite good at hand painting our silk scarves.  Aber has learned to manage her time well.

Making paper bead necklaces

Aber Beatrice making our paper bead “Specialty Necklaces”.

Besides spending much of her time on craft making activities, she also works long shifts at a local factory that makes wood products.  She works on a rotating schedule, sometimes at night and sometimes during the day for up to 60 hours per week, all so she can earn $60 per month.  Beatrice hopes that one day her own business will be so successful that she no longer needs to work at the factory.

See more specialty necklaces made by Beatrice and several other of our Jinja beaders.  Our Jinja ladies are saving up as much money as possible to serve as a down payment on homes they hope to build as part of our “Home Ownership Program”.  This will enable the ladies to move out of the slums forever!

These paper beaded “Specialty Necklaces” come in many different color combinations.

Pink multi-color paper beaded necklace

Aber’s pink multi-color specialty bead necklace. Buy one today and help her build a home.




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