Meet Achiro Doreen, New Business Owner

Achiro Doreen, one of our Jinja paper bead artisans, proudly shows her neighborhood grocery kiosk located in the one of the tiny communities surrounding central Jinja.  Achiro has a full-time job as a cook at a nearby school.  But she understands that in order to get ahead and fulfill her family’s needs, she needs more than one income stream.

Achiro Doreen at her neighborhood grocery kiosk.

Achiro Doreen at her neighborhood grocery kiosk. Her daughter is beside her.

Being in the recent business class sponsored by Outreach Uganda gave her the courage to start her own businesses during 2012.  During school holidays, she runs this grocery kiosk behind her home.  It is doing so well, that she has begun the process of expanding the kiosk so she can carry more products.  You can see in the left of the photo where she is assembling a frame of sticks.  Once she gets more money, she will complete the structure.

We wish Doreen well in her business, and will keep you updated on her progress!


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