Meet Some of our Ugandan Moms and their Babies

Uganda Moms and Their Babies

Uganda Moms and Their Babies

Outreach Uganda’s programs focus especially on Ugandan women and their children.  In northern Uganda, where two of our women’s groups are located, our programs focus especially on women and children.  Here are some of our mothers and their babies.  Outreach Uganda helped open a health clinic in June 2013 which serves over 7000 people including these families.  At the same location, we partner with the community on their village primary school which currently has over 380 students.  Clockwise from the top left we have:

1. Lamwaka Jennifer and her child Okema Dicken (2 1/2 months old)

2. Aywek Agnes, age 37, and her daughter Acan Gloria (2 months old)

3. Akello Grace, age 30, and her daughter Aloyo (age 5 months)

4. Akello Rose, age 26, and her daughter Agenorwot Miriam (age 2 years)







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