Mid-day Porridge Helps Students Learn

Our Agwata students are fortunate to have a mid-day meal of porridge.  This lunch program began in mid-2011 at the suggestion of the teachers who saw that the students learning was reduced because they were eating only one meal per day, usually in the evening.

Each day, our two school cooks arrive at 8am to begin carrying water from the bore hole so that porridge can begin to be served by 11am.  Here, older students line up to receive their porridge. 

Time for porridge at the Agwata school

Older Agwata students line up for their mid-day porridge

When the lunch program first began, our cooks were cooking under the tree.  This was a problem during rainy season!  The community built a cooking shed for the cooks in October 2011.

Our cooks pride themselves on their work.  We hope that a bore hole will one day be drilled at the school so that fetching water does consume so much of our cooks’ time.  Here, one of the cooks is cooking inside the shed over the open fire. 

Preparing the mid-day meal over an open fire.

Agwata cook preparing the mid-day porridge over an open fire.


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