More photos from the game drive at Murchison Falls

If you are willing to rise early at 6am, you can go on a morning game drive with a park ranger guide riding in your vehicle (with his rifle for protection).  We headed straight for the game tracks located down near the delta area of the park which is where most animals are sighted. 

1 1/2 year old lion cubs at Murchison Falls in Uganda

1 1/2 year old lion cubs enjoying the morning at Murchison Falls National Park (in the delta area)

Many people ask if there are these large wild animals in Uganda, and there are.  But only in the national parks where they are protected.  Outside the park, poachers and local hunters have killed off the larger animals.

Besides the game drives, you can also take a boat ride on the Nile River going eastward towards the falls that are upriver from the Paraa Lodge and student hostel area.  The boat ride takes two hours and you see many birds, hippos, cape buffalo and if it’s a sunny day, crocodiles.  We thank volunteers, Debbie and Kelsey for their great animal photos!

Hippo yawning at Murchison Falls National Park

Hippo yawning at Murchison Falls National Park


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