Moving Away From a Life of Fear in the Slums

An Update on our Uganda Home Ownership Project:  

During a brutal period of conflict in northern Uganda in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, one of our Jinja beaders, Achen Rose, and her husband were captured by rebels and her husband was beheaded in front of her. She was held captive for over a year before escaping. Safe from the rebels, she found herself alone and without money until a good samaritan helped her settle in Jinja. Like Achen Rose, most of the women in our Jinja header group came to the town in southern Uganda to escape the chaos and violence in northern Uganda. However, life in the new city brought hardship of its own, where dilapidated housing conditions in the slums are accompanied by hunger, disease, and rampant alcoholism. 

Rented home in Jinja slums.

Ajok Korina, daughter and grandchildren outside their rented home in the Jinja slums in Feb. 2014.

Ajok Korina, another Jinja beader, lives with 2 daughters and 8 grandchildren in one of the more dilapidated rented homes. According to Ajok,  “This is a crowded area where there are drunkards who do not care about children.” She worries that “the idle men can rape or defile my grandchildren.”

Aber Beatrice is a widow who lives alone. She speaks of her initial regret for having survived the war. Alone in a new town with no home, she thought it would have been better if she were killed. She still worries that “if something bad happens, no one will rescue [her].” Moving onto land with other beaders and their families will provide her with the support of a solid community and allow her to live a life without fear.

Ayaa Rose and children in their slum home.

Ayaa Rose with her children in front of their home.

Ayaa Rose, also one of the Jinja beaders came to Jinja some years ago because of the war in northern Uganda. Her relatives were killed and “on the way to Jinja, we were ambushed and ‘boom’ people died and we survived.”  While grateful to have escaped the war, Ayaa has been trapped in a life in the slums.  Land and rents are too expensive to live anywhere else.

Empower Women through Home Ownership

You can help our Jinja women and their families become homeowners and move away from a life of fear by donating now.

Aided by charitable contributions and the successful sale of our paper beaded Ornaments of Hope leading up to the holidays, Outreach Uganda made the final payment on a large plot of land near Jinja just last month. Women from our beader group are one step closer to moving out of the awful slums and into safe and secure homes of their very own, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

We are currently getting the land titled, a process which could take up to eight weeks. In the meantime, a perimeter fence is being constructed to demonstrate ownership. Soon, the ladies will begin digging and planting simple crops such as beans to put the land to effective use while the architects complete drawing up plans and home construction begins.



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