Sling Bag Batik and Animal Print New Arrivals

Fair Trade Sling Bags Make Great Holiday Gifts

Our new sling bag and zippered purse patterns are arriving from Uganda weekly!  We hope you like our newest batik, and all over animal patterns.  Our Ugandan women seamstresses have been busy using the latest batik materials in their fair trade sling bag and zippered purses.  Shop Now and see even more sling bag styles!

Fair trade sling bags beautifully handcrafted by our Ugandan women’s group.

How Buying a Fair Trade Bag Helps

Your purchase of a fair trade bag helps the woman who made it feed her family, send her children to school, and buy needed medicines.  In addition, it helps provide her with working capital for her own individual business that she can do in Uganda all year long.

Fair Trade Bags Provide Opportunity for Women to be Homeowners

Besides this, our Ugandan women are continuing to save the money they earn from making these bags to save up down payment money for their very own home.  Outreach Uganda’s goal is to begin the first phase of home building in 2018.  Please help our Ugandan women reach their goal to become homeowners and move out of the slums where most of them currently live.  Please email us if you would like to learn more ways to support our home ownership program.


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