Nursery Students Move into New Class Building

Two Classes of Nursery Students Enjoying Tables and Educational Toys and Equipment

100 of our nursery students are very excited to be in their new classroom building which has a newly added veranda where they can now enjoy their mid-day lunch protected from the rain.

Donate for school nursery classrooms

Our newest school classroom building for 2 classes of Ugandan pre-school students.

One more building is still needed for the youngest “Babies” nursery class plus our kindergarten class who still meet in the old mud and thatch building.

The classroom building was substantially completed at the end of 2015 but still needed its interior floor cemented which was done in early 2016.  Prior to being in this new building, the nursery students were meeting in the original mud and thatch classroom building from when the school was originally constructed in early 2010. No more leaky grass roofs and crumbling mud walls for these two classes of about 50 students each.  The three nursery teachers are also excited to have their own nursery office and equipment storage area in this same building.

Northern Uganda pre-school children

Our Ugandan pre-school children playing with play dough!

Thanks so much to all who helped furnish our two new nursery classrooms in 2016. You’ve created a beautiful classroom environment as these photos show! For an African classroom, it’s a “10”!  Our nursery students now have tables to work which is helping them improve in their writing skills.  In addition, there are several shelves of pre-school books, dry erase boards and markers, watercolor paints, foam blocks, tricycles, balls and even a parachute.  Both students and teachers are very excited about all these additions.

The nursery teachers have been excited about trying out the idea of “centers” where they divide each classroom into four sections with a different activity going on each section such as math, reading, block building, and arts and crafts.





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