Old Soccer Shoes Needed for School Youth

Our Agwata Primary School received a  generous donation of 50 soccer uniforms in late 2012.  This has allowed the school to provide uniforms for the school soccer team which plays other nearby primary schools.  In addition, the older youth team has a set of uniforms available when they play as a community team within the sub-county.  However, these two teams (especially the younger team) needs soccer shoes.  To date, we have had 6 pairs of soccer shoes donated but we could still use another 40 pairs suitable for ages 10 to adult.  If your kids have outgrown their soccer shoes or no longer play soccer, or you know of a soccer team that might want to undertake a soccer shoe collection drive, please let us know.  Call Kate at 303/683-8450 or email her at kate@outreachuganda.org.  Here is one of our favorite soccer photos from earlier this year when a pig entered the field!

Agwata school soccer game

Agwata youth and pig play soccer! Notice the bare feet!


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